ADP is short for Archivo De Pivo and is a project / book about travelling, memories, mountains, girls, love, graphics and me.
Archivo De Pivo is published in November 2011 by Abnormal Data Processing

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Can you do that again? Noa took the banana in her hand again and slowly the banana turned from yellow to green. Within 20 seconds the banana was completely green. Yvette was amazed ‘how the fuck is that possible?’. Noa shook her head, ‘I don’t know, I was never like this’. She put the banana back on the table and slowly it got its original yellow color back. ‘Two days ago it started’ ‘I woke up and from that moment everything I touched slowly turned green. If I let go again it will get it’s color back. ‘Can you do it with me Yvette asked’. ‘Don’t know, I haven’t tried it on a human being yet. Do you want to try it’. Yvette was thinking, ‘yes, let’s try it’. Noa took her hand and yes it worked, slowly Yvette turned green, after 40 seconds she was completely green. They both laughed, Yvette looked kind of ridiculous this green. Noa let go of her hand and slowly Yvette got her normal colors back. ‘What now’ she asked, ‘are you gonna go to a doctor or what? ‘I don’t know what to do with this. I have never heard of it before, I can’t find any information about it online and I haven’t got a clue what purpose it could have’. ‘Not everything needs a purpose’ Yvette mumbled. You can probably make lots of money showing this to people. You can be an attraction. For sure lots of people would want to see this. It might be useless but it is very interesting to see something happening you don’t understand. It might open peoples mind.’ Noa wasn’t listening anymore, she got a message on her phone. She read it a couple of times and then showed it to Yvette. The number was blocked so they couldn’t see who send it. The message said ‘Everything is possible in Skyland’...!
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320 Pages
17 x 23 cm
ISBN 978-90-817864-0-9
ADP Book launch
Thursday 10 November 2011
18:00 - 21:00 hrs

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